Oh, these Rainy Days, My god so Much Water outside my house. I can’t even go outside so I think to write a Quality post for All of you, who wants to know about Omniverts. Let’s start with – Why Omniverts are Different than Introverts Ambiverts and Extroverts?

Omnivert is a newly Introduced Personality Trait in Humans which we don’t know for a Long time. But now We know that Omnivert is the Fourth Kind of Personality type which Human Being Possess.

We don’t know much about Omnivert because it is a very Rare kind of personality Type among Humans. Only about 300 to 330 Peoples are known as omniverts for now.

So it makes Omniversion the Rarest Personalties Type more Rare than the INFJs.

Omniverts are also Different from all of these other personalities types such as Introvert, Ambivert, etc. But today we are gonna cover all that up and We are also gonna discuss in Detail How Omniverts are Different from Others.

Why Omniverts are Different than Introverts Ambiverts and Extroverts?

Omniverts are the Peoples who don’t know what they are gonna Do next Moment and Suffer from this trait of their Personality.

Most of the Omniverts are somewhat suffering from Bipolar Disorder, Which means their mood is not Hold up to anything for a longer time span.

The Person who is Suffering from Bipolar Disorder has Rapid Mood Swings which also affect them Mentally.

When we are thought about Introverts then the first thing comes to our Mind is a Quiet Shy and Anti-Social Person. But this is not true, Ya Introverts are Quiet most of the time but they are not Anti-Social, they are just selectively Social.

But in an Omnivert’s case, you can say for sure that he/she is an Anti-Social Person cause Omnivert truly hates Socialism. They are not Shy but very Reserve more than an Introverted Person.

Less Empathetic

Omniverts show less Empathetic trait in their Personalities just like a Sociopath. Actually, in India, we ain’t know nothing about Personality Traits cause we are not taught like this. So Most of the people don’t even Recognise what kind of a Personality Trait they Possess.

In a Country of 1.3 Billion People only 5% Peoples know about Social Personality Traits and because of this if there are Peoples who Possess Omniversion Trait then they Don’t know even Themselves. so they can tell someone, what they are Going through?

The Main Reason we don’t know about much about Omniverts and their Omniversion, is that there are very fewer Peoples who are Truly Identified as Omnivert.

A Personal Theory

According to me, the Peoples who are Omniverts are just Introverts on a More Harsh Scale I think, So don’t Quote me on this.

A Good thing about Omniverts are there IQ levels are Higher than a Normal Person like of you considered yourself as an intelligent Person, still, they are more Intelligent that you and me.

Because they don’t have much to do in a Social World, their contribution is Equal to Zero.

So these are some Things that Defines Why Omniverts are Different than Introvert, Ambiverts, and Extroverts.

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Why Omniverts are Different than Introverts Ambiverts and Extroverts?
Why Omniverts are Different than Introverts Ambiverts and Extroverts?

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