Top 10 Myths about Introverts – An Introvert.

Here are the Top 10 Myths about Introverts. List of Myths about Introverts- Introverts don’t like to talk. Introverts are shy. They are Rude. Biggest Myth – Introverts don’t like People. Introverts don’t like to Go in Public. Introverts always want to be alone. All Introverts are weird. Introverts are aloof Nerds. Introverts don’t know […]

3 Signs you are an Omnivert – Omnivert Meaning.

We all know that there are various Personality traits Found in Human Beings. Some of the Common Personality traits are Extroverts, Introverts and Ambiverts. And there are some Rare traits also which are HSP’s(Highly Sensitive Person), Empaths etc. But now we are Introduced to a Fourth Kind known as Omnivert. So Let’s start with – […]

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